What is Microblading?

A picture of the tool a make up artist uses for microblading eyebrowsThe most sought after procedure for eyebrows these days is microblading. Everyone is asking what it is and why so many people are doing it. Microblading is not a tattoo like many people think. In fact, the tool that is used for microblading doesn’t even compare to the needle that is used for tattooing. The tool used for microblading is a long piece of metal with several tiny blades that are bunched up together; there are about 14-17 needles that are placed next to one another (hence the prefix micro). The end of the tool is placed into dye and then the dye is scored into the skin. This gives the illusion that you have fuller more refined eyebrows. Keep in mind, this is not permanent! It is more on the semi-permanent side. Your results will fade overtime. Typically, the results will last anywhere between one to three years.

What’s the Procedure Like?

Numbing Process

The first step of the process is to numb your eyebrows using a numbing gel agent. While the procedure doesn’t hurt, it’s always best to feel close to nothing rather than experiencing any discomfort while scoring your skin. After the numbing gel has been applied, a clean wrap is placed over each eyebrow to warm up the area to speed up the numbing process. This part takes about 20-25 minutes.

Mapping Out Your Brows

A picture of a woman having her eyebrows mapped out by a makeup artist before her microblading session

After numbing your eyebrows, the artist will map out where she will be scoring the new parts of your eyebrow. Typically a “face-ruler” is used to measure the best distance to place the new pigment. This is done to make sure everything is lined up while performing the procedure.

Infusing the Dye

Once your brows are mapped out by the makeup artist, the dye is then scored into your eyebrow to give you a natural look that you desire.


Do NOT touch your eyebrows for at least 5 days. Do not wash them, do not apply any product, do not comb them; literally do not do a single thing to them!

After the 5th day, you will able to wipe clean your brows and you will have some ointment that will be provided by makeup artist that you apply to your eyebrows at minimum 4 times per day. Be careful when you are cleaning your brows, do not rub or get too rough with your skin. Just simple and gentle wipes with a damp cloth towel will do the job.

The entire healing process takes about 4 weeks. Just be gentle with your brows, you will not feel any pain, but to get the best result, just be gentle and after 4 weeks, you will have amazing results!

Follow Up Session

After the 4th week, you can opt-in for a follow up session. During this session, the make up artist will go through the eyebrow to make sure it was healed properly. Additionally, they will ask if you want any additional changes to your eyebrows.

How Painful is Microblading?

As mentioned above, a numbing agent is used so the entire procedure is pain free. You will not feel anything during the procedure. If you feel any discomfort at all, just let your make up artist know and they will apply more numbing cream.

After the procedure, I am sure people are concerned if there is any soreness or healing time. The answer is no! Not at all!

Why Microblading Over Permanent Tattoo?

For quite some time, people would opt to get a tattoo instead of their natural eyebrows in order to develop the look they want. Eyebrow tattoos are fine when you have it for the first few months or even years, but eventually the ink turns green and you are left with green eyebrows. That’s why microblading has taken off as the go-to procedure if you’re looking for refined eyebrows that look great and don’t change color over time.

Of course there are other options like getting an eyebrow transplant, but that can be very costly and most often will require consulting with a plastic surgeon for the best result.

I’m Ready For Microblading! Who do you Recommend?

One of the best make up artists I have ever met is Ellen Webb. With her credentials, she is quite easily the most qualified person I would ever recommend if you want someone who has experience with microblading and make up in general.Please visit le face boutique’s microblading salon and let her know that Hair 2000 Beauty sent you over.