Are you asking yourself what is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is a modern medical machine that doctors use for hair transportation. It’s a variation of the Follicular Unit Extraction method.

How Effective is the NeoGraft System?

Using this machine, a part of your hair graft is harvested bit by bit, unlike the FUE method that cuts a strip of skin from your head’s back, leaving you with a scar. A handheld automated device removes hair follicles and implants them in your head’s balding areas.

Physicians prefer it because of how efficient the machine is. Its advantages include:

No Scars

You should opt for this procedure as it does not leave visible scars around your donor area. That’s because your physician extracts, collects, and places each of your hair follicle tissues individually. They do this using the automated device. The machine uses vacuum power, thus, the time it takes to complete the procedure is the least out of any other.

Cost Effective

Compared to other methods out there, NeoGraft is one of the more affordable options. This doesn’t mean its a bad option by any means. In fact, based on results and price, it is the most cost friendly.

Flexibility Options

Since it is an automated process, NeoGraft hair implantation system offers your physician the ability to extract hair from your various healthy body parts. That’s because the incision used is I mm or even less. That enables your doctor to restore hair on your scalp, facial and eyebrow areas.

Benefits of NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

Permanent Hair Restoration

The system allows you to grow permanent hair after six to eight months. That’s because being a scar-less procedure; there are no stitches that require time to heal.

Quick Recovery

After undergoing the procedure, it will not affect your daily routine. That’s because of the short duration it takes. You also don’t need to undergo additional surgeries.

Hair loss on your scalp, eyebrow, and facial areas should not worry you. Feel free to search for a doctor that can provide this procedure. They should also advise you on the best possible options that suit your budget.